Angels Surround Us
Lately, my prayers have really been answered.  I've seen miracle after miracle, and I feel my faith increasing to the point where I pray for things I never would have prayed for before.

Today, I was standing in line at the Dollar Store.  There are so many people here who have fallen on hard many unemployed.  The Dollar Store is a very busy place now, and there are lots of sad faces.  

As my things were being rung up, I looked at the customer being rung up in the next lane.  Her face was sad and drawn and looked gray - like she was sick.  She looked defeated and heavy with grief.  I did something I've never done before.  I asked my angels to wrap the stranger in love and lift her up, to hug her and kiss her and make her feel delightfully happy and as light as a feather.  I asked them to fill her with joy and make her laugh.  I also asked them to heal her of whatever was making her look so gray.  I imagined the angels surrounding her.

Right before my eyes, the corners of her mouth started to lift!!  I quickly looked away so she wouldn't see me looking at her, and then I heard laughter!  LOUD laughter!  I looked, and it was her!  She was positively beaming, and she said to the cashier "do you know what I'm going to do?  I am going to go out to eat!!"  She then practically skipped out of the store.  As she passed me, I saw her skin was healthy and pink.  I watched her drive away, beaming with joy, and I prayed that her angels would keep her wrapped in love and fill her with faith that everything will be alright.

My grandmother told me that every one of us has a whole host of angels from heaven surrounding us, and they will do what we ask.  I believe it is literally true!

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