I Believe, Do You?
By: fcf52@sbcglobal.net
On January 27, 2004 I was given one of the most precious gifts I have ever received from a total stranger.  This gift was feathers of an angel.  Because you are very special to me, I am sharing this gift with you.
The total stranger was an elderly woman who came into my store in Lawton, OK on this date.  She recently lost her husband after he suffered on his death bed for two weeks.  He feared leaving his wife alone because she walked with a cane and he worried about how she would get along without him.
One evening while she and another couple visited with him, he asked his wife if she could see the angels in the room.  She said "No, but if you say they are there, I believe you."  Then the visiting gentleman motioned toward the floor.  On the floor were feathers all around the bed.
He has since passed away.  The lady to this day finds feathers all around her home.  She picks them up each day, only to find more the next day.
One day she had to pay her water bill, but her bank statement did not reflect enough to pay it.  She called the bank to verify her balance.  To her surprise, the banker told her she had $600 in her account.  No deposit had been made since the statement.  She looked down at her statement and there were new white feathers where none had been only moments before.  I believe, do you?

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