Saved by an Angel

I have had many experiences of God`s love for me and this is my way of thanking Him and letting others know that He really loves is children. I want my story to give others hope when things seem hopeless. Sometimes I have had my times of doubts and feelings of depression when life is not going my way, but then I remember these experiences and they help me feel new hope that I am not alone. Some people have their doubts when they hear my stories and think they are just coincidences. I don't feel special and sometimes wonder what my life`s work on earth is.
One day I was leaving the building where I worked. I was a little distracted crossing the road I guess for I only checked one lane. The car stopped so I could cross. As I was crossing the second lane I felt a pair of hands pull me back. Just as these hands pulled me back a car came zooming down the lane just a few centimeters from my body. If I hadn't been pulled back this car would have surely killed me. I looked back to see who had saved me from being run over, but there was no one there. I am positive that this was my guardian angel who saved me this time from a sure death, since this car had been speeding. I thank God that He saved me through one of His Angel. He must really love me and have something special He wants me to do before I leave this Earthly School. I do not know what it is yet, but I am sure God will lead the way through His Angels.

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