My Purse

I have an angel story not a miracle. I was on my way to school in the summer June to be exact. I had turned into the store to get gas. I had my purse with me. I paid for my gas and left. As I was driving on the freeway. I noticed that my gas tank was open. I pulled the car over and got out and closed the gas tank. Not paying attention that I dropped my purse on the freeway. I got half way to school which is in Jasper texas. Which I love in Port Arthur, Texas two hour drive. I noticed that my purse was gone I turned my car around and proceeded to go back to the store. Upon arrival at the store I thought I might have left it there so i asked did anyone turn in a wallet I didnt care about the 200.00 dollars that was in there my credit cards and my licensure was in there. I had just got paid I just had cashed my check and I took out my tithes which I didnt have in my purse. I lost everything except the 20.00 and my drivers license. I got home and I told my financee which I didnt want to because he is so negative and is always telling me about being careless. My best friend came there and said that the store found it and kept the money I didnt care. I told her that I know that God had something good in store for me and I thanked him for losing my purse because it could have been worse you have to thank him with the good and the bad. started praying to saint anthony saint of lost things. I went to school the next week on Tuesday in June I was on the same highway and I see something black in the rode it looked like my purse. I said it is my purse. I get out of my car and run down the freeway. I was my purse with my 200.00 dollars my licensure the only thing is that my purse was wet it had rained I started praising God. It was as if God took his hand and reached down from heaven and got my purse when he seen I was on my way to school he sent it down from heaven. I dont carry my purse today because it is a blessed article. I hope that you enjoy.

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