Angel Whispers
By: Anonymous
My mom passed away on 11 Sept. 2006 and I was very sad. My mom suffered from depression, surrendered herself to alcohol and thus were a constant responsibility and worry to me, but I still loved her dearly. The time before she got very ill, I told her that I cannot bear the burden of worrying about her anymore and would not make any contact unless she accepted she needed help. I was forced however to make contact again, because she got herself into hospital by drinking too much, passing out and getting concussion. I then decide a serious talk was needed and told her that I want to have children, but since I cannot function properly by worrying constantly about her, would not be able to give my best for my children unless I broke contact or she got herself some help. A week later she passed away (luckily I told her that I was sorry about all the hurt I caused her by rejecting her and that I do not condemn her, since I knew her problems originated out of grief of my  fatherís  death and a difficult childhood). I got pregnant and were expected to deliver exactly on the 11 Sept 2007! I refused (since I needed a ceasarian) and told the doctor it would definitely not be on the same day my mom passed away. We decided on the 12th.The one thing however that I will never forget is the voices I heard every now and then (before the delivery). I heard the voices in the wind (although I was in my bed in my house), sometimes the wind blew outside and I still heard these voices. I could not hear at any time what these voices were saying, but it was definitely a group of voices, which I concluded had to be angels. The fact that this child was basically destined to be born on the 11th made me think that she is truely a gift from God to fill all the emptiness and sadness of a lifetime. I never heard the voices again after she was born and also did not hear it with my second child. I just recall that the morning of my momís funeral, I was lying in bed, totally exhausted. As I woke up I felt someone loosing a grip on my hand. Iím not sure whether it was my mom or an angel, but what I do remember is that I constantly held my momís hand whenever I visited her in hospital........

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