My Mom's Angels

My mother was a very dearly loved lady. She was not religous but I always saw something spritual about her. In 1955 or there abouts my brother was born prematurely and sickly. He only lived about 18 monthes. My mom being the mom she was,was dealing with alot of guilt even though it was not her fault. The night of his funeral she was lying in bed awake. In the closet door appeared a large white glowing figure. She was not afraid.She woke up my dad and he didnt see anything. After the experience she no longer blamed herself and was at peace.

Her other experience was a couple of weeks before she passed away.She called my sister who lived 100  miles away and asked her why she was in her room at 2 am and didnt speak to her? My sister was not there. We believe both times she was visited by an angel. 

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