My Angel Story

One summers day, my grandma drove out to our farm to visit us for a while. She was always coming to the farm and usually brought things to us, and we would send back eggs and butter and things that we had that the farm gave us. She would always stay for a few hours and visit with my Mom . I  was 10 years old and would usually just listen to them talk.

On this particular day, Grandma asked me if I wanted to go back to town with her.  Of course, I jumped at the chance because it was always fun to be at Grandma's house with all the exciting things to do. My mom said it was ok, so while they were talking, I got some of my things together and told my grandma I was ready to go.  We were ready to get into her car and my Mom gave me a hug and looked at me for a while.
After a period of silence, she said to my grandma that she wanted me to stay home with her. I wanted to go so badly.   Mom wanted me to stay so I had to.  I was disappointed but I stayed.

Grandma left. I started doing my chores and pretty soon my mom came down to the barn.  She was crying.  She told me Grandma had been killed on her way home from our house in a train accident.  That could have been me too. I believe someone was looking after me.

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