Guardian Angel


I was in my car thinking of God, so I decided to ask him "Do I have an guardian Angel?" at the moment, I passed by a sign which read 'Angels'. I told him that's not good enough, and all of a sudden, a trail of ants came out of nowhere, (Especially when I was in a car..) and they went under my seat. At a stop light, lifting and looking under the seat, I found a mini Bible book, I don't know how it got there, or where it came from. But it was there, so as I went to the destination I was headed to before all this happened, I parked. And on page 22 of the little book was about how your Angels are always there, now not only was that freaky, but I was born on 2:22 AM, and the page was 22. (How it got my attention, I see now), so I asked if the angel would play my favorite song, after I was driving back to my house, the one that was playing at the time went off, my favorite song came on, it was a once in a life time experience, and it changed my outlook on life. 


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