My Angel Story

My marriage has been in turmoil for over a year.  God has continuously led me to stay in the marriage, even when many times I don't want to.  One day I fasted for insight as to what I should do--no one knew that I was fasting.  A few weeks prior to this day I awoke feeling that I should go to an "estate sale", which is a sale of a person's estate/personal effects, many times a deceased person.  After starting my day, I forgot to go, but that evening, my sister called saying that she had just visited the best estate sale she'd ever been to!  Immediately, I remembered that inclination I had felt to go to the estate sale.  I asked my sister if it was too late for me to go.  She said it was, but maybe we could call the house and try to stop by the next day.  That is not a normal occurrence with estate sales.  Usually, once they are over, they are over.  We called and the daughter of the deceased woman said that we could come over.  She was very nice.  We took boxes of spiritual/metaphysical books home and also had a nice evening of conversation with the woman and her sister.

I was slightly confused because I had no idea why the spirit led me to go to this sale in the first place.  Both the women that we visited were divorced and had endured similar trials in their marriages that I was going through so I thought maybe that was a sign for me.  Both of them thought they had stayed too long in their marriages.

Now this day that I fasted, I was taking my son to the library.  I had had a conversation that morning with my husband about financial support from him.  He told me that although he didn't have much to give me, he prayed for all of us everyday.  It was somewhat comforting to hear, although I thought he was just trying to get out of assisting us, too.

On the way out to the library, I decided to read one of the many books I had gotten from the estate sale.  I went in to grab the book, called "A Brush With Angels" and when I opened it there was a bank envelope inside the cover.  Written on the envelope were the month and year of my wedding (11/97) and inside the envelope--$600!!!!!

I took this as confirmation of what the Lord had been telling me--to stay within my marriage--and also that he recognized my fast.  The number 600 was important because God had used the number six in other instances in relation to my marriage.  Also, I was able to learn the significance of not telling anyone about my fast.  Later, He even gave me a scripture that says, in essence, go pray and fast privately and I will reward you openly for it.  That is exactly what happened because I told everyone that I knew about the money I found, but because I had said nothing to anyone earlier, I knew that the Lord had heard my prayers.

Second Story
A few weeks later, still in distress about my marriage, I called a phone line for prayer in tears.  The woman who prayed with me stayed on the phone with me because she realized I was very upset.  She kept pleading with Christ to give me a sign that He was with me.  I calmed down, hung up and went into my job.  The first thing I saw when reaching my desk--another angel book--with a rainbow on it, which God has also used as a sign with me.  It was just a used angel book, but no one to this day at my place of employment has claimed that book or can explain where it came from.  It still sits on my desk!!!
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