My Son's Guardian Angel

In January 1999, my son had used my car to go visit his girlfriend.  At about 10:15 pm, I got a phone call from a lady who said my son was there, he had just had an accident but was ok.  I spoke with him, and he seemed to make very light of the incident, and when I asked if the car was drivable- he said yes.  Well, when I got to the scene, I was horrified.  The car was totaled.  It had rolled over, and was upright again, but the side support by the windshield was pushed in a foot or more, the front was gone, the glass was all shattered out.  The police officer that arrived at the scene before I, when he found my son, immediately called the ambulance. The back of his head had glass shattered in it.  His abdomen was tender from the seat belt, as the air bag did not deploy!  It turned out he was fine.  He did have several stitches in the back of his head, and was pretty sore, but EXTREMELY lucky.  The thing is- the passangers seat, in front, was laid back in a reclined position, and he swears he never did it.  It was not broken either.  We both believe it was my dad, who passed away in 1988, watching over him, and said "hang on for the ride".
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