The Stranger

It was ten minuts before nightly church servise and I sat on a bench waiting for the priest to enter.  A tall elderly man walked in the church hall way and smiled. He stopped for a moment and put out his hand to touch mine. His hand felt cold and his face was very white. He wore a long outdated coat and said not a word. A small table was at my right. He looked down at the table touching all the religious cards. Then in a low voice he stated,''life is hard isn't it.'' I replied, ''yes it is difficult but we will make it.'' He kept looking down at the table and said not another word.

I could not get over how silent and slow moving this man appeared. A few more moments past. Then I stated,'' Life is difficult but by the grace of God we will make it.''  He replied, ''that's what I wanted to hear.'' He then turn to me and smiled and left the church

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