The Blonde Angel

In november of 1976 before Thanksgiving, there was about a two week period when i just knew GOD was going to call me home. just prior to this i had been in a backslidden condition and i had just returned to the LORD. after about two weeks the feeling got stronger that i was going to die. i finally told my wife about my feelings. she then told me that for about two weeks every time she would look at me , she would see me laying down with my hands folded across my chest. about two nights later i felt it was time for me to go. we had just went to bed and i told my wife how i felt and she said i feel it too. i got out of bed and went to say goodby to my three daughters and my son, they were sleeping, i just looked at them for awhile and went back to bed. i told my wife this is it, its time. i prayed to the LORD and i said LORD i dont want to leave yet but if this is your will then i am ready to go.just as soon as i said that the feeling lifted from me and i looked up and i saw a beautifull blonde angel dressed in white hovering abve us at the foot of our bed with a smile on her face. thank GOD for His mercy and great AMAZING GRACE.

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