Angel in Uniform

It was August 12th 1994 around 2:30 a.m. I awoke to the strong smell of alcohol. I got up and went out into the dining room where my mother stood, blood on her shirt and all dirty. She was on the phone with the police reporting that she'd been in an accident. When she hung up the phone, I asked her what was going on and what happened. She said she'd fallen asleep and had rolled her car down the road on what is known as "Dead mans curve". She was with her boyfriend at the time and unfortunately had a little too much to drink and had chosen to drive home imparred. A lesson she has only had to learn once.
She would later tell me of a story about how when they were on their way home, she got pulled over by the police. The cop came up to the door and she said all he did was asked her why they weren't wearing their seatbelts. She said she was a bit shocked because they both reaked of alcohol and she was so worried that he'd smell it and give her a DWI. But, all the officer did was told them to put their seatbelts on and gave them a warning.  She said she looked in the rearview mirror before driving off and there was no cop car to be found. She wondered where the officer had gone. If only she'd known that 13 miles down the road she'd be rolling her car. And local police had said that she surely would of been badly injured or killed if she had not had her seatbelt on.
I personally believe that the cop was my moms angel, stopping her to tell her to wear her seatbelt. Some may wonder "Well, if it was angel why didn't he stop the wreck all together?" Well, my belief is that the angel knew my mom would live with her seatbelt on and possibly wanted her to experience the accident to learn a valuable lesson of not to drink and drive. My mom believes the same thing. She believes that night there was truely an angel watching over her. And he's been hard at work ever since.

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