Angel in my Room

in 2006 I was a deacon and adult teacher in a church in seymour.Ind. this church teaches you must live by old testament laws. so I made it my job to try show that Jesus paid the cost for us. that we are saved by through faith.and not by works. well needless to they stopped me from teaching.and even took my deaconship away from me. I had two brothers a sister and mom that was long time members. well. the whole church was against me. I went home and that night I got on my knees and prayed desperately with a broken heart and many tears. I said Lord I don’t know what to do. my whole church and my family is against me. I layed down and at 1:30 in the morning I was startled awake with a voice that said . DAVID HEY. I sat up and said yes. I layed back down thinking that I was dreaming. As soon as I layed back down. a voice spoke. outloud a real voice.its a mans voice.  he said: it is our job to convey calvory to one another. so I jumped up and wrote it down word for word so I would not forget .—this is very true. –I love the Lord


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