My Angel, My Sister

I was born in 1985 and was an only child until 1989 when my sister came into the world. Her entering the world was a very difficult one for the whole family. My mother, only 6 months pregnant, was having fun at a family get together when she started having these awful cramps. My father rushed her to the hospital. They told my father she would have to be transported to Kingston Ontario, 12 hours away, by plane. She had Toxemia. The baby and my mother were in great danger. My father not wanting to leave me behind drove for 20 hours with me and my aunt in the car. He cried all the way. Me being to young to understand anything I sang all the way, church songs. Upon arrival my father was told my mother would be going into surgery, they would have to try to save the baby. They also told him that this surgery put both my mother and my sister in great danger and a very big chance of my mother or baby sister not making this horrific surgery. Still to young to understand I kissed my mother good-bye on her forehead and she told me she loved me. I kept singing church songs. I loved church. Then she left for surgery. By this time my mother was unrecognizable, she had swollen up very badly from the plane and the Toxemia. Every time I look at the pictures I cry, she was so swollen and she had black eyes and swollen lips. 7 hours later the doctors walk in our room to inform us both my mother and sister had made it through the surgery. My mother was doing ok, she wasn't in perfect health but the doctors concentrated on my 3 month premature little sister. She weighed 2 pounds. Later that day, the doctors informed my parents that my sister was now down to 1 pound and they had nothing else left to do. Amazingly she survived, through all the incubators and tubes and medicine and such a small corps, she could fit in my fathers palm. She stayed in the Kingston hospital for 3 months. My parents came to visit her every time they found the money too, almost every weekend, but my mother called three times a day to speak to the nurse's in her care. She's now 14 years old in grade nine me in my first year of college and she weighs more than I do now it's amazing. People don't believe she's so healthy after all of this. She's as healthy and as energetic as anyone could ever be.

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