My Angel
Let me see, I have had many angel encounters but three come to my mind. In July 1994, my son and I went to the Smokey Mountains.  He was 11 at the time. We went camping and on the 3rd day of our trip we went to Grandfather Mountain in NC. I
parked and we went and explored.  I then came out and saw my front wheel on the speed bump over looking a big drop off. My son opened his car door and someone told him not to get in. I started the car, the door still opened, my car went over the speed bump and down into the woods. The mountain is 6, 000 feet high. I called for help as it rolled down the hill, no one cam. My car came to a sudden stop by a boulder. I was told later, it caught the corner of my oil pan and crimped my gas line. Two people came to my aid.  I will never forget, they took my son and cared for him while I went to the hospital, only now I cant find them but I still look.  I have a photo of my angels in disguise. They stayed with me for the night and went to pick up my car which had been pretty messed up but I still drove home for NC to NJ.
Last year 2000, we went to Shenendoah Va. I went for a hike in the Dark Hollow Falls and a little girl fell, so I felt the need to go back and see if she was ok. That stopped me for 5 minutes.  My son and I stopped at the falls and decided to walk back on the fire road because it was less strenuous.  On the fire road is a grave yard years old. We stopped and as we came out, a couple walked by.  We turned the corner and they were gone as fast as we had seen them. My son and I walked on and suddenly he stopped and said shhh. I stopped.  There was a cracking sound in the woods and we looked up and saw a tree rocking.  We thought it was a bear there.  No bear and no wind, it was in August.  We were 25 feet away from the tree and then all of a sudden the tree came crashing down across the road. Surely, if we hadn't stopped we would have gotten the tree on top of us. Who was that couple? We don't know who they were, they just vanished and the road continued for several miles.
Here's my newest angel story not short of being a miracle in my life.  I'm 45 yrs old and grew up without my biological dad.  I have moved several times and so have his contacts.  I have married twice, but I always knew there was no bond with other guys my mother married. Even the man I thought was my father turned out not to be. My dad called his the other mans wife and asked for phone numbers for his kids, there were a few but the number she gave was mine. We spoke briefly but spent many days talking and he started to say things I read into and I found out two weeks ago from his mouth that he was my dad.  He never stopped looking or loving me. We are now trying to build on that fact and I get warm fuzzy feelings knowing someone higher up had a hand in it. We will now spend our first Christmas together as a dad and his daughter. As told by Doris Allen, NJ

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