He Was There
By: CharleneR510@aol.com
My story begins on the day of my breaking point.  I had been going through stress for several years,and situations around me were getting worse.  On this day of my divine experience I was at the edge of losing my sanity.  I began crying, it became almost uncontrollable.  The pain I was feeling was tremendous,and the thoughts that raced through my mind were insane,so many unhealthy thoughts invaded my mind. I was losing my grip with reality,sanity was escaping me.  I continued crying pools of tears streamed down my face.  The thoughts in my became sound, becoming louder as they grew in number,I had no control.  I curled myself into a knot I yelled out to ''GOD'' I said, if this pain is meant for me then let it be, if not lord please take it from me.  In that very moment a being was standing before me.  He glowed so magnificently, and his beauty was gloriously perfect . He stood at about 6 feet tall, he wore a long white garment that was made of light. All of him glowed, his face and hair were a different shade of light, but all of him glowed bright as the sun.  He raised his hand toward me with his palm facing me.  He reached out to me until his palm touched my forehead.  At the moment his palm touched me the pressure of my pain, and stress began to subside, all the way down my body until it was no more.The angel had disappeared with the same swiftness he had appeared.

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