An Angel With A Horse

It happened last year I was riding my horse in a barrel race and we were going down a small hill heading for the arena something spooked her going down and she ran (mind you she is a quarter horse and the fastest horse on the ranch) down the hill bucking me off and as I rolled down the hill going to fast to completely understand that I was falling I heard someone tell me that I will be ok and I wont be hurt I landed on the ground softly and laid there because I was expecting to get a wave of pain if I moved and I was alone but I saw a kind looking man standing over me he had short dark brown hair and blue eyes he was very handsome he helped me up and told me I am not alone in the world I turned to look to find my horse eating grass calmly and I turned back to thank the man and maybe get his name but when I turned around he was gone I replay this moment in my head a lot and I noticed the man looked almost exactly like the "imaginary friend" that pulled me out of the way when I was crossing the street about to be hit by many fire trucks zooming past 
and on many other occasions I have heard a name be whispered while I am asking a name of my angel that saved more than twice I hear it and it sounds like bells when I try to make out the name I cant I just get the sound of small silver bells and to this day when I feel alone I just remember what the kind man said to me "I an never alone in this world" 
i told this story to my riding coach who set out on to looking for this man (he knows everyone at the arena) but a man like that was never seen 
do I have an angel? or was it meerly a kind man giving me advice?

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