Angels Contacted Me,... I Believe
By: Anonymousangel

About nine years ago, I live in a duplex sort of apartment. I had a neighbour and she was living with a companion. She used to make supper for him every day. I had come home from shopping and the gardener was doing the lawn. When I walked in my front door, I could smell smoke. I asked him if he could and he said, no. I was convinced I could. I then went around to the back of the house, our steps were adjoining and I could still smell the smoke. I ran around the house like crazy on the outside. Finally, the second time I came around the corner, smoke was billowing out of my neighbour's window. I told him to pound on the door and I went around the front. Couldn't get an answer and I dialed the fire station. I was pounding on her door at the same time. Finally she came to the door, I saved her life. She fell asleep with a pot on the stove that caught fire while she slept. 

The same week, two days later I was in another part of town. I have a friend and it is not easy to get out of her driveway, because she lives on a road that is sort of like a highway. I was contemplating going to visit, I had come up a side street. I thought, I'll park here and go in and I did. When I went in, my friend was hemmoraging from dental surgery she just had done. She could not speak to me. She wrote the dentist name down and I rushed her to the office. I felt like I saved two lives that week. But that is what I call, someone from the other side giving me the messages.


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