Mom's Guardian Angel

My mother is 82 and just completed her radiation therapy and radioactive seed implants for her uterine cancer.  She has another rare form of cancer and several other illnesses.  She is the most loving and generous woman I know who has had such an unhappy life mentally and physically.  She stays with me 5 days a week and goes to her apt. for the weekend.  This past Saturday she mentioned she wasn't feeling well and felt a little dizzy.  This happens often so I told her to rest and I would phone her later.  A few hours later I was walking my pet at a park near her apt.  The phone rang at least 25 times..... I knew she was there and became worried.  I hung up, called back and after about 13 rings the phone picked up....  "mom"  "mom" no answer..  Then very faintly in the backround I could hear her calling my name.  I asked if she was hurt...  I could hear her say that she had fallen and was on the kitchen floor.  I told her I would be right there....  Such a sad feeling finding my mom helpless on the floor.  I thought how did she answer the phone?!?!?  Both phones were on the hook and she could NOT move or crawl (from her fall) to answer the phone!!! She lives alone and noone else was there!  She does have a speaker for her ER service but how did we hear each other??  It saved my moms life!!!  I thank God and her guardian angels for allowing my call to get through to her .  I beleive in miracles and  I'm still numb from this experience.  

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