Angel touch

My Oupa had this vision while I was undergoing surgery. He lived in Durban, South Africa and I live in Tampa, FL. USA. I have Hydrocephalia and had to have surgery to replace a blocked shunt. I am going to write this the way he did. He has since passed: I am writing this letter to tell you what I saw when you underwent the surgery. I saw three Angels around you, two of them, one on your left and one on your right, stroking your arms and talking to you, telling you not to be afraid and that the Lord will hear you. They were dressed in light peach colour garments, they were laughing and talking to you all the time. The third Angel stood at the head of the bed, directing and telling the surgeon what to do and how to do it. (Praise the Lord). A fourth Angel was comforting your Mom and Dad with its wings spread over them, telling them not to fear as "God is in Control" (Praise God for His healing power). After two weeks in a coma and about another two of being comatose, I had to learn to walk and talk again, but God is good to His children. I am able to tell Him verbally Thank you!
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