Angel of Protection
By: Anonymous

Memorial weekend two of my friends, my husband and I went out on the lake in their boat, to fish. My husband had only been out of the hospital for a week, from having a minor heart attack. We thought it would be nice for him to relax and get away from everything. When everyone got in the boat, I got a bad feeling so I prayed to the Angel of Protection, to watch over us. We were out on the lake for a good 3 hours when we decided to go back in. When we got about 30 feet from the dock, the boat went nose down and water started to rush in the front. Our friend screamed for everyone to get out of the boat. I was sitting in the very front and the water had already gotten up to my knees. My shirt was caught on a piece of metal and I would not get out of the boat. The motor was still running with the propeller going and it was coming at me because the boat had stood straight up in the air and it was flipping over towards me. I used my feet to push it away. I do not know how my shirt came unhooked but it did. The whole time and am thinking to myself, " Is this happening?" The next thing was, " where is my husband?" and I started screaming his name and flailing around to see if I could feel him in the water. I finally grabbed his arm and pulled him up because the boat apparently had sucked him under the water. He can not swim! He grabbed a life jacked and climbed on top of the boat. My friends had swam away from the boat and was being helped by someone who seen what was happening. I stayed beside the boat and my husband while someone came for us. I could feel something sturdy under my foot, like I was standing on something. It kept my head out of the water. We were pulled back in and everyone was ok. I was telling them about me standing on something, I figured the water was maybe 8 feet deep. They told me that the water was at least 60 feet deep and they could not imagine what it could have been. I know God had sent an Angel of Protection to help us that day. No one of use had a scratch and my husband's heart was fine. I thank God for the experience because it is those situations that  you Faith stronger or maybe a reminder that He is still with us helping everyday.

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