My Son's Angel on the Highway

I love Jesus and I truly believe he put a hedge around his children and protect from that evil  Satan.  One Friday afternoon My husband David and I went out for seafood. 

We notice this elderly  man kept watching us like he wanted to say something.  When he and his wife finish their supper he came over to our table and said I just want you to know that you will received a blessing on the highway the next week.  We said thank you, and didnít think any more about it.  The following week our son Derrick was coming home to Tallahassee from Jacksonville Florida. He Had National Guard  duty in Jacksonville.  Driving on I-10 almost to Tallahassee driving about 100 mph something told him to slow down.  He slowed down to about 70 mph.  The front right tire and rim  blew off the Cherokee Jeep that he was driving but the jeep didnít flip or roll over. He was able to stop the Jeep and less than a mile walk to the first exit and call home for help.  I know his angel kept that Jeep from flipping.  We never saw the little old man and his wife again. 

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