The Warring Angel

I experienced something I will never forget and since I am normally so forgetful, that is a miracle in itself.   It occurred (approx. 1989) in the middle of the night while I was asleep.   For several nights, I kept having a recurring nightmare where a dark entity would enter my room and approach the foot of my bed as I slept.  Each night of the nightmare, I would wake up horrified and crying.  The dark entity is best described as a deep dark shadow of a being with piercing red eyes.   One night, I refused to go to sleep because of dreading the nightmare and I decided to stay awake as long as possible. But my attempt to avoid ever sleeping again was ridiculous and eventually I did fall asleep.   The nightmare occurred again but this time I was able to open my eyes to see everything that occurred.   The dark figure stood at the foot of my bed and stared down at me measuring about 6-7 feet tall.   Its appearance radiated a sense of grotesqueness, evil, dreadfulness, and power.   At that point, I was completely frozen still.  The shadow-like creature was blacker than night.  Its evil horrifying eyes were completely fixed on me with intense determination.  At the foot of my bed, over to the right, there stood a tall, blonde, muscular man (my angel).   The angel was facing the dark figure and his gaze was as fixed, intense and determined on that dark figure as the dark figure had on me.   The angel wore a one-piece tunic down to his thighs and had some metal type armor on his chest.   He looked like a beautiful, yet fierce warrior.   His form and face was perfect and strong as if he had been sculpted.   Suddenly, the evil dark creature cocked its head quickly over to the angel and their eyes met.   It was war!   There was a loud roar as they lunged at each other to fight.  At that instant, they both vanished/disappeared from my sight.    I became “unfrozen” and jerked up in my bed screaming repeatedly, “Oh, my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!”   I had never sobbed that way before and sat up rocking back and forth in bed shaking and crying.   Eventually, I must have cried myself to sleep.    The vision itself seemed to only have last about 5 seconds but there was so much clarity and detail.   Afterwards, I didn’t mention it to anyone.    It was quite some time later until I shared my dream/vision.  My mother was stunned when she first heard me share it among other family members.   I didn’t understand what I had experienced and I had kind of tried to snuff it out of my mind like every other traumatic experience in my life, but this time… it didn’t work.  I can still recall the details quite vividly.   Although I am not naturally an eloquent speaker and have a rather hard time verbally expressing myself, when I share this experience it is almost like I am recalling a movie in detail and there is no need to search for words because I can still vividly recall the entire vision.   Normally, I couldn’t tell you much about a movie I had seen a month ago.  But when I recall this vision, it is as clear, vivid and detailed as the first time I experienced it.   Years later, I became a Christian and things started making sense and fitting together as pieces to a puzzle.  As I child, I had grown up Catholic but my faith now is much deeper and I have an intimate close relationship with God.   For anyone who does not have this intimacy with God…I urge you to seek God in intimacy.  Talk to Him, walk with Him, pray to Him, praise Him.   Live your life for Him.   Yes, I believe in angels and in demons, heaven and hell, God and Satan and the hellish battle for souls.  I know that if God is for us, who can dare be against us!   In fact, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord! I believe in the supernatural beyond what the normal human understands, sees, hears, and senses.   I have since had other experiences and although they only lasted several seconds as well, there is quite a bit of detail.    They are all quite humbling experiences and I admit I needed a humbling awakening.


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