The Money Order
Although I am aware that many do not believe this story.  I have told it to many, and a few have suggested that I seek mental help.  This truly did happen.
One hot summer day, my husband, children, and myself were at his mothers house for a cook-out.  While relaxing in my mother in-laws back yard.  I remembered that I had left the money order that I had purchased for that months rent, in the back pocket of the jeans that I was wearing the previous day.  I said to my husband, remind me when we get home to get the money order for the rent this month out of my jeans pocket so that I can mail it.  He agreed, and we went on to enjoy the day.
Upon arriving home, I immediately went upstairs to retrieve the money out of the jeans so that I could mail it, before it was late.  I found the jeans that I was wearing the day before on the top of the hamper.  Looked in all of the money order.  Not being alarmed yet, I continued to look.  Could not find it anywhere!!!  Finally, not really wanting to admit that this money was lost, after all, I knew where I had left it!  I went to my husband and told him that I could not find the money order.  He and I searched the entire house.  Under couch cushions, in the trash, in other clothing pockets, stripped bed clothes off of our bed thinking that perhaps when I changed clothes the day before it may have fell out and dropped onto the bed that we had, at the time it was a water bed with a dark blue mattress.  All of our searching was in vain.  We found nothing!  We looked for so long, that my husband finally gave up, and went to the yard to play with the children. 
I was devastated.  At this time my husband was disabled, unable to work.  I was the only one working, and lucky to be able to come up with the rent for my children's home once, much less twice.  All I could think was that I have this beautiful 6 year old daughter and 10 month old twins that are going to be homeless if I don't find this money order to pay the rent for this month.
Finally, after much searching, I went back to our bedroom.  Bed clothes stripped and laying on the floor, dark blue mattress exposed with nothing!  All I could think was... Oh God, what am I going to do.  All that came to mind was to pray!  I got down on my knees at the side of our bed and prayed...I remember this prayer, as if it were yesterday.  I spoke to God and pleaded, Lord you know that I am trying...I cannot come up with this rent again.  Please, Lord, help me find this money order.  After completing my prayer, I opened my eyes.  What I saw right in front of me was the most amazing thing that I have ever experienced in my entire life...On the bed, right in front of my eyes laid a white piece of paper.  I even thought to myself, I know that is not that money order.  I reached for the paper, turned it over, and indeed it was the lost money order.  It was not there before I said this prayer, I promise you, it was not!  I was so moved by this experience, that when I went to tell my husband that I had found it, all I could do was cry.  I could only tell him that I prayed and I guess an angel came and put this much needed rent, right where I could find it.  He simply said, baby, I believe you.
I am not crazy.  I know that this money order was not there before I knelt to pray.  My personal guardian angel was there for me.  I have never doubted the presence of higher beings since then.  And never will!  God only gives us what we can handle, and he knew that this was more than I could bare.  He sent my angel, and I will never forget, and will always testify to this!

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