Writing on the Mirror
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I am really disturbed writing about what occurred in September 1991.  Admitedly, flat our Frightened - not by what occurred, but the feeling that I did take it as seriously - no 
Monumental 'Born Again' actions immediately following the occurance.

I am a Christian.. raised Methodist - but never really followed the church going path.
This is what is truely amazing... I have read some of these stories..and what?..
The stories surround feelings & natural occurrences that appear to answer ones prays. Do not get me wrong - believe these are miracles, but I expected the stories to be a little more concrete - like:

"I came home from work & Jesus was sitting on my sofa watching Wheel Of Fortune on cable..."

This story.. at the time of this writing... I believe .. Trust me here... defies the Laws of Physic's - flat out. This was not a one time deal, it repeated itself close to 7-8 times.

I witnessed over and over.... also shown to two other individuals - who immediately dismissed as some sort of 'Trick' on my part.

Going to lay the ground-work... this is very important - you see when this occurred - I looked at EVERY ANGLE for an explanation.

My profession - Network Engineer... means very analytical...

OK here goes:

I was sharing a two bedroom townhouse with the owner - she had been on vacation with boyfriend - (US Open Tennis) - gone over 5-6 Days already.
The day in question was a Sunday - I worked graveyard shift at a Data Center. Had to be at work at midnight.
My accommodations in the townhouse provided its own bathroom - shower & Large full length mirror two sinks etc.
The bathtub / Shower - had one of the round single-style central faucet - Pull out to turn on water - rotate right or left to adjust hot & cold water.
I worked Sunday - Thursday...

Back up to last Tuesday - about a day AFTER my roommate left town.
The knob of the faucet - Broke - could not adjust water temperature...just could turn on the water by pulling it out.. but rotating.. it just spun...like it was stripped.
The problem was it was on full-blown HOT....that was it. could not adjust the water temperature of the shower - only the option - Hot..Damn Hot!

Now that Tuesday.. ended up bathing in the kitchen sink - ( never considered using her bathroom - this was a straight roommate situation - this is why I chose to wait before attempting any repairs - it was her townhouse..)

Now for Wednesday night - & everyday there after until Sunday...I devised an ingenious plan.
I turned  the gas Hot water heater OFF - left it off.
Then when ready to shower - turned it on... turned on the shower.. waited until it started to warm up...took a quick two minute shower.. wahlah...!..Worked like a charm...
until Sunday night.

 So its Sunday night..10:30pm or so.. about an hour before I would leave for work - woke early from the power nap before work.

Time to start getting ready for work - ready to take a shower - Went to turn ON the Hot water heater - and it was already ON - this was kind of creepy because fairly certain I had turned it off after using the shower the day before. 

So now I have to turn off the Hot water heater - & drain it out in order to take a shower. 

So turned it off... turned on the shower - Full Bore...Running out the Hot water.. knew this going to take some time - because I had to do the same thing the night following when the faucet originally broke (Tuesday) - (before I got the idea to leave the Hot water heater off).

10-15 minutes it starts running out.. jump in quick shower & out. 

The steam created by running the Hot water heater dry... was Very thick, hung heavy in the air. Bathroom door was open... the air began to clear.. that's when I noticed it. 
On the mirror - it definitely had structure... this a very large mirror - fixed directly to the wall (adhesive stuck the mirror flat to  the wall - which was a solid concrete load bearing wall).

 On the mirror, the steam began to dissipate... yet there was something visible, appeared structured in the steam - resembled... splotches:

##### #### 

### ###

#### #### ###

You see.. the moisture molecules in the air generated from the shower adhere to the glass of the mirror.
When I first exited the shower.. the entire mirror - end-to-end - was blanketed with steam.
As the air cleared - the steam on the mirror also cleared... Entirely.... except the splotches of steam held firm.

Now I am standing there..thinking.. what fool wrote on  the mirror?...  but it was not legible... I was really perplexed - then remembered - NO ONE had been in the house but myself - No ONE - and these splotches WERE NOT there when I had to run out the hot water heater last Tuesday.

Standing there in a towel - staring directly at these splotches - got my nose right up on mirror...
This was REALLY strange - you see, the whole bathroom & mirror was steam free.. completely - yet the steam splotches held firm.
Could not detect any substance on the mirror - this was the opposite of writing with your finger on a steamy mirror. 
These were large splotches of steam - stuck on the mirror.
I am Staring directly at it..eyes an inch from the mirror... when I noticed the splotches began to change..

The steam on each splotch - began to evaporate - symmetrically from the outside, gradually moving toward the middle. Think of a circle that gradually shrinks - (its radius decreasing while the center remains fixed).

Staring straight at this... the shrinking splotches began to resemble...letters.
I first noticed the S -....it rapidly became very clear - this was a message.
I literally jumped back - my towel dropped to floor, standing butt-ass naked - this was unbelievable  The splotches had evaporated to form letters. The letters formed a message that was perfectly clear:




I was totally stunned... I wish I could say I dropped to my knees in prayer. ( why this frightens me today..others have had a  Leap of Faith on much less evidence.. I was adamant - This was some kind of joke..
How the hell (excuse the pun) did this unknown jokester pull this off?

Took a paper & pen & recorded the exact script of the lettering.. it was not bold like this type face - but kind of cloudy like... but unmistaken the statement was perfectly clear.
NO ONE had been in the house... my roommate was not religious in anyway.
This mirrored had been fully steamed days before and nothing.  After at least a few minutes... The letters slowly began to evaporate - from the outside until it was gone.

The mirror had ABSOLUTELY nothing on it that could be detected.
Immediately began to run this through my brain.. ok someone HAD to get in here.. so lets say they did. What did they put on the mirror that would cause the glass to maintain the conductivity which would cause the water molecules to fixed for extended periods & NOT evaporate as the room & the surface cooled? 

Remember - many products can be placed on the mirror to prevent steam adhering to it - creating the message IN the steam.

This case - the letters WERE the steam.

At this point... decided going to be late to work.... fire the water heater back up... heat the water....turn on the shower full bore - close the door - completely  steam up the mirror.... there it is.. again!

OK.. lets do it a third time - Again the message is there.
After a couple more times.. definitely noticed the message was getting 'weaker' - not lasting as long before dissipating.

Went to work... the next day called two people - one a close friend - the other my recent ex-girlfriend.  They both came over -  steam job was repeated - & appeared. Their response was less than expected.

My friend called me an asshole & stated this was not a funny joke & stormed out.
The Ex - about the same response - accused me of playing a parlor trick in order to get back together with her. 

After this last time... the message never returned.

My Ex called weeks later with THE explanation - courtesy of her 'new' boyfriend - who apparently had an answer for everything - Hairspray. I had used Hairspray to create the message. I told the dingbat - this had already been checked it out - it PREVENTS the steam from adhering to the  mirror - thereby creating a message written IN the steam. 

See if it was one of my close friends pulling a prank - they certainly would not have written a message like this. 

Now if it read - "YOU WILL BE DEAD IN 7 DAYS" - then yes..a prank from one of my friends.

Since then... EVERYONE... I have ever told.. take a really lousy attitude .. even my family. Peoples reaction from my story was always disturbing to me... they were almost in disgust. for they do not believe me or could not fathom God would address a numb nut like me & not show them 'a sign'?

So I stopped talking about it.

So here I am... this was no joke...

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