The Highway

I had a truly good Hawaiian friend named Amado.  He passed away in Portland some years ago.  I lived an hour and a half away on the other side of Mt. Hood.  I owned my own business and decided to leave that night after closing around 9:30p.m. to head to Portland for the funeral the next day.

Everything that could go wrong on a trip went wrong that night.  I believe Amado did not want me at his funeral. I believe he did not want me to see him that way.

Driving in the night, I was very tired.  I decided that when I got to the top of the Mountain, I would stop a the only gas station on the mountain and get a cup of coffee.  Well, I slowed down to pull in and noticed they were closed, so I pulled back out on the road and bang! My transmission fell out.  Right there.  Had I been going any faster, I could have been killed. I was scared. I was in the middle of nowhere in the dark on an extremely cold night.  It was then that I noticed a pay phone in my rear view mirror.  What a coincidence right?  I called for help and knew it would take the help at least an hour and a half to reach me. I hung up the phone and out of nowhere there was a man in a truck asking me if I needed help.  Normally, I would have been scared to death, but I trusted him.  He took me to a restaurant about a half a mile away and bought me a cup of coffee.  He never said anything to me that whole time.  When we got back to my car he looked a me and asked "Do you believe in Jesus?".  I said "yes".  He asked me if I believed that the Lord protecte us.  I also ansered "yes". He pulled up in front of my car so I could use his headlights to get back in to mine.  I thanked him and got out of his truck.  I got back into my car and all of the sudden it was silent and dark.  He disappeared!  Evaporated. I looked both ways down the highway.  I could see in both directions at least a mile.  I did not hear his truck pull away or experience gradual loss of light.  He just disappeared.  I believe this man was sent from God to look after me that night.  Imagine my surprise about a month later when I happened to visit that restaraunt and found out they close at 6:00p.m and they claimed they have never been open that late at night.  WOW!  Know that GOD Loves you and protects you alway.

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