My Guardian Angel

this story isnt very long or proven but back wen i was 12 years old i went on a trip with my church to the ocoee whitewater rafting place. our leader said that they have never had a boat flip or 4 years so i wuznt scared at all. with this confidence me and my friends went sailing down the river like pros! suddenly next thing we all kno is we are trapped under the boat and the boat was pinned in by a ring of tall big rocks; how our boat got in there we dont know but all of us remembered that after about five minutes of not breathing because the waves/current kept us all under the water all we remember is everything turning dark and black then suddenly everything turned really bright everything was all white then next thing we kno we all are out and swimming in the middle of the river and the leader guide person had broken her knee trying to get us all to safety but all the other boats picked each of us up and in their boat, later all reunited for the last 3 miles of the journey but anyways after the boats flipping it took 3 or 4 adults to flip the boat over. all of us escaped with minor cuts and bruises and we were all ery sore the next day but all of us said all we heard was screaming, what i remember rom being under the boat was me praying and praying to my guardian angel. i remember this all like it was yesterday. We all thought we died the day from drowning. One of my really good friends helment was all broken but had no head injuries. go figure.

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