My Angel Story

The first day of our vacation was drawing to a close.  We were on our way to the mid-west to visit relatives.  Our brand new fifth wheel was towing beautifully.  Everything was going great.  We were entering a large city and decided to find a trailer park and stay the night.  The traffic was getting heavy.  All three north bound lanes were filled with commuters hurrying home when suddenly the traffic came to a complete stop.  We were in the middle lane lane with cars on either side.  There was no place to go to avoid a collision!  How do you suddenly stop a fully loaded 28-ft trailer?  And directly in front of us was a young man on a motorcycle!  There was no way to avoid smashing into him.  Without even realizing what I was saying I called out, " Oh Jesus, oh  Jesus."  The pickup stopped just short of the young man!  Thank God, no accident---no injuries.  His angel and our angels worked overtime that day.

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