Angel to the Rescue
I am 25 years old. A few years ago I had a pretty bad drug problem.  It got so bad that one night I was overdosing. I was rushed to the emergency room and was being wheeled in a stretcher. When I got into one of the rooms of the hospital the doctors and nurses were trying to hold me down so that they could put a shot into my chest (they told me later it was to slow my heart rate down because it was 3 times the normal heart rate while exercising). Despite their efforts I was very frantic and would not stay still long enough to let them put a shot in my chest. As I was screaming, shaking and struggling a lady walked in the room. She was blonde and very pure looking . I remember the doctors and nurses didn't even look at her or acknowledge she was in the room. She said to me "I am an angel sent from god to save you. I need you to calm down so the doctors can put the medicine in your body". Her voice voice was so smoothing as soon as she spoke my body completely relaxed and was at peace. Despite the chaos in the room she was giggling and smiling and very calm and peaceful... As if it was almost humorous that people would be worried about anything.  After coming to 17 hours later in the hospital bed I asked the stocky brunette nurse who was in the room that night about the blonde lady that calmed me down by telling me she was an angel. I said that I wanted to thank her. She told me she was the only woman in the room that night and that maybe the "drugs got ahold of me". I did not take hallucinogenics that night and I know what I saw and what I felt... It was an angel and she even told me so. 

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