The Man
By: Anonymous

When I was about 3 or 4 me, my mother, and my older brother were on our way to day care that was located up in the mountains on our indian reservation. I was in the backseat in my car seat, while my brother was sitting in the front seat. At the time, he was only about 5 or 6. I was so young, so I don't remember the details of the accident, but I know our car completely flipped and we landed upside down. The location was a bit secluded, so it would have been a while until someone found us. I remember being upside down in my car seat, and all of a sudden seeing a man with blue jeans and a green shirt reach into our car and pull my mom out. He then preceded to pull all of us out of the car. My brother injured his head very badly and was bleeding profusely all over his face. The man took off his shirt and wrapped it around his head. I don't remember most of the details, but I remember so vividly the man reaching in the car to rescue my mom. Someone finally saw us and the ambulance came. No one saw this man except for me and my family. My mom says she remembers him walking away, no car, no place to go. We were in the mountains, where did he come from? We can tell he wasn't homeless, because he was very well groomed. The fact that we ALL remember this man tells me that it's real. To this day we all believe he was an angel. Everytime I lose faith, I remind myself of this man and the incredible kindness he showed to us. Someone was watching out for us that day and sent this man to save us. It wasn't our time to go!

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