At My Feet
When I was about 19yrs. old I started to use drugs and just really began to abuse myself physically and mentally.  My family became suspicous of my behavior, but I hid it well and always used work and school as an excuse not to ever be around them at family events, of course it was not work that kept me away.  The social circle I chose at that time in my life was not the greatest, drugs and alcohol were always available to me.  As the year past my older sister became concerned and wanted me to hang out with her more often, but I always made excuses to avoid her.  When my sister and I finally agreed to spend the evening together she had also arrange a blind date for me later that evening (this is almost a year later).  The day before I suppose to meet her I went to a party that lasted until the following day.  When my "friend" dropped me off at home that night my body began to shut down-I have not eaten in two days.  That night there were a few things I remember as I layed in my bed: the pain my body was feeling, my sister calling me telling me that he(my blind date) is waiting and an image at the foot of my bed as I beg for this pain to go away.

It was one of those moments when you cannot tell if it were a dream or if it is real.  I was restless.  As I fell asleep I woke up again to see two people at the foot of my bed.  There was a girl on my left side and a boy on the right.  They would not look at my face, they just stood there with their heads tilted and said, "don't worry, you are going to be ok".  Knowing myself if I were to dream or experience that I would be scared, but for some reason I felt really comfortable and safe.  The "dream" carried me to fall asleep for the rest of the night.  I woke up the next day to realize a lot about myself and also to know those changes could not happen in a day.  I will never forget that experience.

I am thirty now and drug free.  There are many gaps to fill in this story, but I would just like to mention that there are angels out there wether if they are in your dreams or at the foot of your bed ;)   One more thing, that blind date I was suppose to meet that night is the man that I am married to now.  This is a man whom has also bought faith back into my life.

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