My Angel Story


It was a hot August afternoon.  It was a weekend and the family was home.  I was hanging clothes on the line outside when I decided to sit at the picnic table and think of what to fix for dinner.  While I was sitting there I looked in the window of the kitchen, I guess that would help me think better.  I could see my reflection along with the clothes that were hanging on the line.  I also saw a man standing behind me.  Seems funny to me that I wasn't alarmed but I wasn't.  I was looking at this man and wondering what clothes hanging behind me that made that reflection.  I looked at the man for several seconds.  He was a young man about 30 and he was wearing a pair of sports slacks.  That was a funny thing because my husband didn't own a pair of pants like that.  I watched the motionless figure for a while then decided to turn and see what was causing the reflection.  I did and there was nothing there.  I turned back to see the reflection again and it was not there.  Not only did I not see his reflection I could not even see my own reflection.  I would have to be moved about 2 feet to the right in order to see my reflection.  I have gone out there many times since then and never once have I ever seen my reflection in the window sitting at the picnic table.
I am sure that it was my angel letting me know he was on the job or maybe that he didn't want what I had intended to fix for dinner.  I am sure that he is with me even though I cant see him and it is a good feeling to never be alone.


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