My Angel Story

When returning home from work I normally take the fast lane to get back well in time.  It was this particular day that I was driving on the fast track as usual,  but then, suddenly decided to change lane and switched over to the slow track and continued to do so for a while.  When suddenly my car tyre went over an object on the road and all I knew next was that I could get a very strange movements and sound in the car while driving.  I went panic and immediately stopped where I was and it so happened that the spot where I stopped was the hard shoulder. From my car I called my husband and explained to him the situation and he assured me that he would be there in 10 minuets.  In the meantime as I was waiting in the car I had other cars pass by me honking etc and among these cars was a white car that passed me and just as the car passed me it reversed again. From the car two police officers got  off the car and without any questioning one asked for my car key and  starting driving my car slowly to the emergency parking shoulder and the other halted the traffic until my car was placed safely. After this they asked me if I had called for any assistance and I replied that my husband was on his way.To this they left me and in due course my husband arrived and got the stepheny tyre fixed and we drove safely to the nearest garage.
I truly believe that our dearest Mother Mary had sent the angels in disguise as police officers as I was praying the rosary in the car while driving

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