God's Protection
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In 2001, on a nice Saturday morning, our church in Hawaii had a volunteer cleanup day on our church property.  I volunteered and was working alongside the church office building cutting overgrown vines out of the flower bushes with a matchete. About 15 feet away was the young children's playground where several children where playing as their parents worked.
I was not real experienced using the machete and on this occasion I swung the machete horizontally across my chest and because of my sweaty hands the machete flew out of my hands towards where the children were playing. I had swung very hard and the machete twirling in a circluar motion headed towards the children very fast. I was horrified and prayed out loud, "Lord you are going to have to stop it there is nothing I can do now."
Then I stood there wincing expecting at any moment to hear a child start crying, having been hit by the machete. After a long moment I became surprised as  I did not hear any crying from the children only laughter as before. I stood thinking
I know the machete had gone into the play area as I had watched the machete go through the area I was working and past a low hanging tree towards the children (which blocked my view from seeing where the machete had landed).
I then turned and walked around the church building directly into the middle of where the children were playing; thinking maybe God had caused it to land without touching a child, though I knew no child had gasped in surprise. But I could not find the machete there! I then turned and walked along the projected path the machete would have come. I did not see it anywhere either. Then with surprise I just turned around in a full circle looking everywhere and then suddenly I spotted it laying perpendicular to the the uncut edge about 8 feet further up from that low overhanging tree.
I believe an angel caught the hard spinning machete in the air near the children and placed it on the edge directly across from where it was caught. That is why it was not lying near the exit spot from the tree.
Thankfully for my guardian angel I am not in jail today or having to deal with the injuries of a small child on my conscience today.
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