My Angel

After 10 years of being w/ my husband, which the last 3 years were not very good, I had reached a major depression and even went to the dr. and he put me on paxil. Which maybe I needed at the time.(it only made me numb and I felt like a zombie) I got to the point where I felt like I had nothing to live for and I had nothing to give the world, yet there was my children to worry about and that was my life. The thoughts of death were very strong, and I believe at that time God or my angel sent me a message. As I laid there crying for days thinking of death, I felt hands on my shoulders which scared me at first because there was no one there. I knew that someone was there to protect me and was going to guide me though my deep depression that I was in.
After that I got off the paxil that I was on for 2 weeks and decided to leave my husband and try to start a new life.
Shortly after leaving I decided I w going to make sure my angel was always there. I went to the library to get many books of angels and designed my one angel out of about 8 pics. and had her tattooed on my lower back. She is beautiful and original. no one will ever have her, except me. And now I know that even at life's worst time, she will always be w/ me even if I don't feel her presents again.
There has been many more of life's hard times and I know that I will get where I need to be in life sooner or later.
I just believe that prayer and positive thinking is your best bet, and there will be someone up there guiding us into the right direction.

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