My Angel Stories

After recently having another experience, I decided I should share my stories with others. In a world where people often feel hopeless and alone, it does good share the message that we are not alone.
"For He will give His angels charge over thee, and keep thee in all thy ways."
This verse is from Psalms 91:11. It is inscribed in Hebrew on a silver ring I wear on my right hand. I had this ring made for me so I would reminded everyday. This number is the month and time I was born. September at 1:11 am. 
I am a scientist who believes that while many of the odd things in life can be explained by scientific evidence, there is much more beyond what technology can ever explain. For example, Love is the strongest emotion I know of. It is very real but yet it cannot be measured by any known instrument. I do not look for miracles; the fact that a baby can be conceived and develop into a living, thinking, functioning being is all the evidence I will ever need to believe in G-d. For amino acids to combine in such a manner that life can spring from them is a greater miracle than the parting of the Red Sea. 
But I digress...
I am not from a religious family. My family escaped Germany before the Holocaust. While they always were true to their Jewish faith, I feel that G-d somehow was lost over the years. Who could blame them? Through years of bearing the hatred of so many people, knowing your relatives and loved ones from your homeland and elsewhere have been slaughtered by the millions...these things surely will wear on one's faith. There was no stage setup for my experiences but I knew what they were when they occurred. 
I have too many stories to recall them all here. I'll share but just a few.
I went through a life shattering divorce soon after the birth of my son. I lived in Atlanta, Georgia at the time and my family was living in Chicago. My husband had left weeks before and I had loaded my things on a moving truck and spent the last few days with my infant son at a girlfriend's house. I was selling our house and moving to be with my family. It was a very dark time. My friend dropped us at the airport and we said goodbye. I was leaving so much behind--my marriage, my friends, my home, my job. I felt so alone with my five-month old baby as she pulled away. I put Aton in his stroller and began walking down the sidewalk to my terminal. As I was walking, I felt a two firm taps on my shoulder. I turned around quickly only to find no one was there. No one was even near me! At that very second I heard the words, "You are not alone." These words were not truly audible but came as a loud inner voice, yet it was not my own "thinking voice". The taps were not a muscle twitch and were as real as anything though. They were so firm they were just shy of uncomfortable. A feeling of love swept over me. I smiled, reassured and went home feeling much lighter. I have never felt alone again... not like I had felt.
Several years later I was driving  alone in my car in the left lane of a four lane road. The oncoming traffic to the right was at a stand still. All of a sudden, I heard the same loud inner voice again telling me firmly "Get into the right lane!" I obeyed immediately. As I did so, a car pulled blindly from between the stopped cars on the right. If I had not at that split second changed lanes, I would have hit her squarely at 40 miles per hour. I could almost feel my car brush by hers. Very shaken, I vowed never to ignore this voice, if I ever heard it again, for it had just saved this lady and I from a very serious accident. 
From this moment, though I had always been a good person more or less, I knew I needed to improve. Love more, banish hatred from my life, take every opportunity to do good and act, give more, take less and continually evolve. I am flawed and I am human but with every day there is a chance to change for the better...if even a little bit. We are supposed to do this. We are supposed to look inward and become better beings. We need to own are flaws and do are best to improve them. We are supposed to say those kind words in a moment of need... be a few minutes late to a meeting to be there for someone, even a stranger. The teenage girl who ran out of gas far from home and needed ten dollars; the weeping stranger who needed a hug at the hospital because his favorite Aunt was dying and no one else was there to comfort them... Everyday, if even it's a kind smil-- the butterfly effect. No prayer or belief system is better than the other... all of these are meaningless if acts of love and kindness are not practiced. These ideas became so clear to me. They were instilled in my heart and soul.
Years later, on a plane from Nevada after a visit with a friend ended on an empty note, I heard the voice again. It said, "Look out of the window." I did so and in the the clouds I saw a beautiful figure standing on a flat carpet of clouds. Though he appeared to be made from the clouds,  yet he was not. He stood, maybe 40 feet from my window, huge (perhaps 8 to 10 feet tall), clothed in flowing white. In his hand he held a staff. His wings were folded behind him. He stood watching as I watched him. The image remained unchanged for a whole minute or so as the plane passed him. I did not think of making a sound or asking anyone else to look. I wanted to remain transfixed for as long as I could. It was Easter Day, which was funny to me because I do not celebrate it nor do I feel called to Christianity...all religions, however, are valid. There are many paths to G-d. Could this have been a trick of the eye and a funny cloud formation? Perhaps, but the voice and what I saw were very real to me. I will never forget it and it changed me further. 
I am still far from perfect but I keep moving ahead.  In these last few years I have learned to take more action. 
Then there was last night. I am very sick with a cold and bout of bronchitis. The bronchitis triggered my asthma and between all of this discomfort, I did not sleep well. Being sure that I had a 99.9999 percent chance of surviving this, I soldiered though the night knowing I would eventually feel well enough to sleep. Sure, I was sick and over-tired, skeptics say what they will, but at around 1:00AM, the loud inner voice I know so well now, spoke to me in much more detail. I was not thinking about anything really, except being sick and wanting to sleep but I was given a very specific set of instructions to guide me through a few aspects of my life. The "rules" as they were referred to, spelled out a set of events and how I should cope with them. I was not completely happy with all aspect of the events or the code of conduct I was told to follow (since in part it focuses on my favorite flaws and how to overcome them) but the end result is very good if I can "follow the rules" so I will obey. Typing this out seems very weird to me. I've gone to delete it a few times because I might find this silly if I read it from someone else. Still though, I know this voice who comforted me in hard times, saved me from an accident, and revealed to me an angel in the clouds. If it is positive, I should do it. Later in the morning, I felt someone sit on the side of my bed but there was no one there. I was covered in warmth and felt that everything would be fine.  The content of these events and what I should do are much too personal to share with anyone though. 
Am I schizophrenic or overly imaginative? I am very sane and grounded and do not care if I am judged. As with religion (and many will argue pointlessly), all experiences are valid. 


Do you have an angel story that you would like to share?
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