Guardian Angel


One April afternoon, I experienced the worst thing a mother could experience,
my son was hit by a car, right next to his school while crossing the street.
Someone had taken his school bag from him as a prank, and as he rush across the street, he did not see the car coming.
By the time I got to him, the first time I was five minutes late, because my husband felt the need to go to church in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week because he felt like he had to.
Now this church yard is filled with angels, which I had not even thought about.
Angel were just things, not more.
However, I was to experience a true miracle, as my son was lying on the street,
waiting for an ambulance, I prayed that his spine was not broken, I could not bear
the thought. And I could not pick him up because I was told I could injure him more.
So I followed the ambulance to the hospital, only my husband was allow to go, so here
I was, afraid of the worst.  As I sat in the waiting room of this hospital,
I saw the brightest light, it was so calm, and I was assured that my son would be
alright. I was shown in a vision, how Raphael has slowed down the vehicle to prevent
serious injuries.  My son was then release with only a mild scratches to his head. It was a miracle, because the car had hit him and sent him 30 feet away.

Then I asked him, did you see anything? and he replied Raphael was here. He knew.
I was amazed.  And then everywhere I went that week, signs were shown like St. Raphael Hospital, Angels are among us etc. Because I had begun to doubt that I
had experience this. So I was given confirmation.

Now, I know that angels do exist, and I thought someone had a similar experience and needed confirmation. So I sat down tonight to follow what the angels wanted me to do.  Which was to write this story for another mother who needs to know that her experience was angelic.

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