Young Man Needing Gas

This morning I left for work about 15 minutes later than usual and quickly realized that I had forgotten to get gas the night before even though I had noticed that my gas tank was almost empty.  I was in an unusually foul mood, in that normally I am at my best early in the morning. 
I pulled into the gas station and started filling my tank and when I looked up a young man was standing in front of me with an  empty 5 gallon gas container.  I noticed that he appeared haggard and almost completely covered in sweat.  I said to him ďWell, young fellow, whatís your problem?Ē 
The young man said ďSir, I ran out of gas about 2 miles down the street, on my way to work, and I realized that I didnít have any money to buy any gas but I really need to get to work. Itís a new job and Iím afraid theyíll fire me if I donít get there right away.  Could you please just give me $2.00 and that will be enough to get me there?Ē
All of a sudden, it seemed that a terrific light came into the young manís face that also seemed to go straight into my heart and I felt better than I had felt for a long time.
I told the young man to put his container down and when I finished filling my car, I would put the gas in his container.  I realized that for $2.00 at $3.65 a gallon he would only get about ½ gallon.  I filled it up and asked him where his car was.  He said it was about 2 miles down the same street in the direction I was going to work.  I told him to get in and I would take him to his car. 
When he got in I handed him $5.00 and told him I hoped that would get him through the day.
He smiled broadly and thanked me graciously when we got to his vehicle.
I hope that I brought a little sunshine to him because he certainly brought it to me and made my day glorious.
I thought back to just how busy the gas station was that morning and was very glad he picked me to talk with and had not been rebuffed by someone else.
A miracle-apparently itís in the eyes of the beholder. 

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