My Guardian Angel

It was a winter day, very cold and icy, in a very small town my daughter Jennifer 2 1/2 yrs.old and I were going out to get lunch   I  put her in the front passenger seat in her car seat.  I had decided to pull thru an alley that was next to our business and ask a friend who was a couple of doors down if she wanted me to pick her up anything for lunch. The alley was full of ice and it wasn't all smooth, in various places it was very thick.
I had pulled thru the alley many times before at the opposite end was the fire department. I stopped, her door was on the left hand side the drivers side..It was very cold so I kept the car running
while I got out I stood next to the car, opened my friends business door and yelled to her asking about lunch,she said no thank you I turned I heard the car go into reverse, she had pulled the gearshift back into reverse, all I could think of was my daughter reversing down this icy alley into traffic. So I ran along side the car trying to open the door, the car wasn't going straight because of the ice so I ended up under the back drivers side of the car, my leg was twisted behind me and I was smashed up against the wall....the car was still running and I couldn't help my the far end of the alley were some firemen , I tried screaming  for help. They couldn't hear me. I tried calling to my daughter who was very frightened by this point to push the gearshift back up into park, she didn't understand. So I started  praying she would be all right.....out of no where .......a woman walked up to me and said calmly how can I help you, I asked her to turn the car off, now my daughter wouldn't open the door for a stranger, so I told her it was okay, she opened the door turned the car off, pushed the car off me and handed me my keys gave me a hug. I went to the front of the car to get my daughter out of the car, turned and in a second she was gone I never saw her again. I believe she was my guardian angel.   No one was hurt...

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