My Angel Story
Several years ago, my husband and I were having terrible financial problems.  I was not working and had two sons to provide for.  My husband lost his job.  He found another one, but it didn't pay very much.  One day, we were out of food, and no money to buy more until my husband would get paid several days later.  I was very worried about how I would feed my kids.  Very distraught, I got up from the couch in the living room, and went to the living room window, leaned on the window pane, and just stared outside.  It was a chilly,  windy day.  Just then, my eyes rested on something on the front lawn that looked like money.  I ran outside as fast as I could.  I picked up the money, and found that it was two $20.00 bills folded together.  I was so thrilled,  I went right to the grocery story and bought some food to sustain us until pay day.  I couldn't understand why the money didn't blow away in that wind.  It just sat there in the grass.  It took me a while to realize that an angel must have been guarding it and preventing it from blowing away.  I now understand why I decided to get up from the couch and look out the window at that time.  God always provides for his children in one way or another.

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