My Angel Story
The evening of June 24, 1989, my 19 yr. old son Brian went out with a friend.
I really didn't want him to go with this person because I had a real bad feeling about him.  Brian hugged and kissed me and said don't worry Mom I will be home early,
his last words before going out the door were "I love you."
A mother never sleeps until she knows her children are home safe in bed, no matter how old they are.  About midnight I dozed off and had a dream that Brian
and I were at Disneyworld and were on "It's A Small World Ride" one of our favorites.
The ride stopped and we got off, only Brian walked away from me.  In my dream I saw two angels on each side and they were taking him away from me.  I had a very sick feeling.  All of a sudden I sat straight up in bed, I looked at the clock, it was 1:00 a.m.  Brian had not returned home.
 The next morning two police officers came to our door.  Brian had been murdered by that friend and robbed of his wallet, for a few dollars.  The friend needed money for gas for his car.  The death certificate said the time of Brians death was 1:00 a.m. the time I sat straight up in bed.
Did I really see angels
escorting Brian to Heaven?
Was it a sign?
I believe it was.
Do I believe in angels?
Most certainly,
I can feel them where ever I go, and it is a very good feeling knowing someone is always there to watch over and help and protect you.  Why didn't they protect Brian that night?  What happened to Brian was an act of man not of God, and Gods angels were there to take him to Heaven.

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