Guardian Angel

If no one believes in Angels, I must tell you, they do exist. When my Daughter was born eleven years ago, she was diagnosed with a VSD. For those of you who are not sure what that is; it is a hole between the two lower chambers of the heart. It was very scary, but at the time we were thankful that it was nothing more. Little did we know what we were in store for. I was unable to nurse, do to the fact I couldn't produce any milk at the time. My daughter was then given a series of formulas all of which she could not tolerate. Finally we had to make a homemade mixture for her to drink. She was able to hold this formula down, but she wasn't sleeping and began to break out. We took her to the Doctor and one excuse after another, but she only worsened.
She began swelling, going days with very little sleep, her skin looked like she had been in scalding water for a long time. She was also weeping and could barely walk by the age of two. The pain this child endured was unbearable.
One day I decided to get her out of the house and took her to a local McDonalds.  As we were sitting there, a kind woman approached us and asked what was wrong with my daughter I told her what I knew, which was virtually nothing. She then pulled out a card and gave it to me.  On the card was the number of a doctor she used. She said it was like a miracle going to him.  At first I was afraid, my daughter had already been through so much. Finally something kept telling me to make an appointment, but I could not get in for 3 months. The day after I called they called me back to change the appointment, someone had canceled and I was to be seen in two days. Amen, was all I could say. When they saw her they took pictures and could not believe how the other doctors did not take me more seriously. Right away they chose to hospitalize her out of great fear. They tested her for everything and found she had an immune disorder that her to be allergic to everything even her own tissues. Her heart was shutting down and her kidneys and bowels were not functioning right either.  They were ready to release her, but chose not to till we found another pediatrician in our area.  Well, we found one and he prays for my children just as much as I do. She is 11 and doing much better, although we have a few set backs every now and again.
I have never seen that lady again, my guardian Angel, but I wish her well.

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