An Angel
For Jimmy

One day, my little three year old was playing outside on the patio. I sat out there with him for a while and he said that he had a new friend. I said, "You do?" He said, 'Yes, his name is Oscar." I said, "oh really Sweetie.   What games did your friend Oscar play with you?" He said, "Well actually he came to fix my jeep." I had to explain, "Oh Sweetie, your friend couldn't have fixed the jeep it hasn't run for about 4 months. It's old and needs a new battery." He said to me with a puzzled look, "Oh mom, Oscar helped me fix it and it already works. So I asked him to show me. So he climbed into his jeep stepped on the pedal and lord and behold that old jeep that wasn't any good anymore got up and drove all over the yard with Jimmy in it. I jumped up from my chair ran inside to tell my husband about what had just happened and we both stood there in total awe. My God, maybe that was an angel a little angel that just wanted to play with Jimmy. We will never know. God works in mysterious ways, and I am so glad that the angel he sent Jimmy that day knew a little about mechanical toys!  : )
Thank you God!

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