My Angel Story

Last September 17th, my son took off on his bike to go down the busy road with two friends.  He was riding into the glare of the evening sun from the south so his vision was poor and he had taken off without his customary ballcap.  My car had broken down so I had gone next door to wait for my friend to give me a ride to drop off my car keys with the tow truck driver. All of the sudden, out popped my son's friend from a car that pulled up out front. "Your son needs you, follow us, he's been hit by a car!"
My heart just sank and I told my friend it felt like a day from hell, and she said, "No, this is a day for our God to be victorious, we're gonna pray!"  Well, after traveling down the hill just in time to see my son being whisked into the waiting Flight for Life, we headed back up to the house to get my keys to the tow truck driver and then down to Children's Hospital. After finally being able to see Josh we waited while the doctors set his arm and stitched him up.
  When he was released from the hospital two days later we got home and were able to see what was left of his bike. He had made it to the middle of the road when then young gal who hit him tried to stop and skid into the median. he was hit by a car moving at least 40 mph. At that speed, if gravity had worked, he would have gone under the moving car and been crushed. Instead, he said he felt no panic or pain as he was lifted up into the air which gave him enough time to pull his arm around his face to protect it. The seat of the bike came off with his body and the frame the seat is attached to was pointing straight up! Josh isn't a small kid and it would take a strong, powerful force to pull him with the seat between his legs up into the air. I believe, to this day, it was his guardian angel that swooped down and saved him from being crushed under her car. I thank God for giving him angelic assistance, and will always praise God for my

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