An Answer
              to a Prayer?

I have two stories, neither of which I have shared with anyone outside of family and close personal friends for fear they would think I was nuts.  As I have matured over the years I have come to realize that God did not show me these things to keep to myself, but to share with others.
The first occured back in 1984, I was dressed up and ready to go out on a first date with a young lady and was on my way to my sisters house to pick up some flowers.  My sister had just recently moved and I had only been to her house once before.  I turned onto a street and after a couple of miles, realized I had made a wrong turn.  It was a two lane asphalt road with ditches on either side.  On the right, as far as I could see was forest, on the left, an eight foot chain link fence with barbed wire surrounding a junkyard with no building or gate in sight. I saw no intersections nor drives ahead in which to turn around so I attempted a 3 point turn in the road. For several days preceeding this, it had been raining and the ground was thouroughly saturated. As I was turning around the road caved in underneath me and the front of my car went into the ditch.  I was driving a new 1984 Camero Z28 with a HO engine (both large and powerful) and the car was positioned in such a way that the back passenger tire (power tire) was off the ground and the middle of the vehicle was bottomed out on the road itself.  I tried several times to back out the car, but it would not move at all.  In frustration, I jumped on the back of the car, but could not make the wheels touch the ground. There was nowhere for me to go and no one in sight for me to seek help.  I prayed to God to send a car or wrecker, but none showed.  I finally decided I would have to go down into the ditch and mud to locate something I could set my jack ontop of and try to jack my car up and drive off the jack.  No sooner than I opended my trunk, out of nowhere came this "man" (there were no streets or buildings anywhere nearby from which he could have came).  He was about 6' tall, early thirties, slightly built (maybe 140 to 150 lbs) light brown skin (possibly black or middle eastern) with a beard and dressed like a bum.  He asked me to get in my car.  I did, and he went down into the ditch and placed his hands on top  of my hood.  He then told me to back the car out.  I started to tell him I had already tried and he interrupted, commanding me to "back the car out", I did so (with faith) and as easy as could be, the car backed out, no scraping sounds no bumping or grinding, as if I was on level ground.  Now, no "man" could have picked the front of that car up, nor pushed a car that was bottomed out "up hill".  I offered him money and a ride, he turned both down and just asked me to "praise God"  I got into my car but decided to get right back out and make him give me the opportunity to pay him back, but he vanished just as he had appeared.  And I KNEW at that moment that I had been visited by an angel.  So now, I am doing as I was instructed, praising God and passing this story along.

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