Mrs. Ivey
                       By: Anonymous


                        My family owns a Doll shop and we sell collector plates.
                   One day a customer came in. She was upset.
                 I tried to comfort her. She had just found out that
                                she had stomach cancer and didn't know how it would turn out.
                               She saw this plate we had and fell in love with it. I told her  the    name of the plate was "Hope."
                      She immediately decided to purchase the plate.
                              I kept in touch with Mrs.Ivey and she has done pretty well over the years.
                        The first time she was in the store, was 4 years ago.
                   Mrs.Ivey claimed that angel as hers.
                     I thought many other people might find some
                             comfort, as a lot of us have, in the little angel named Hope


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