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The other night my mother and sister were here visiting with me.  The subject of my Dad came up and we became teary eyed.  He has passed on.   Then all of the sudden there were four knocks coming from my computer that was shut down and had been for the majority of the day. My sister turned pale and she said, "Oh my God, what was that?"  I told her with no fear and no thought more of it, "Oh it's Dad!"
My Mom said, "Pat, quit thinking that."
I said, " No Mom, Dad was happy here when I would take care of him and I know he didn't want to leave here, and I know he keeps visiting me."
The other night, about 3 weeks ago, I was awakened from a deep sleep, by the most beautiful scent I had ever smelled. The aroma was so beautiful that when I opened my eyes I felt a beautiful presence, I knew it was my father.  It was too special to be
anything else. I thought to be sure of what I was feeling, I got up to use the restroom.   When I returned to bed, the scent was still there and then faded.   By morning it was gone. I had the strongest feeling it was my father for sure.  One day in May, my daughter was using the computer to complete her homework for college.  My little boy was on the couch watching television and I was cleaning and dusting. I picked up a beautiful angel that I have on a mantel. I blew off the dust that was on her feathered wings and without any warning she started to move and the song, Amazing Grace came on and the TV shut off by itself. I screamed, and said, "Oh my God, it's got to be Dad.  He is here, he's got to be, I feel himhere. Oh my God, this doll started to play without me even winding her up and the TV shut off by itself.   Hurry, look."   My little boy jumped off the couch and said, "Sissy, Mom's right.  I saw it myself, too."
Boy, there have been so many occasions like these and most of them I have felt were my dad.  One time Mom and my Godchild went to the cemetery to put flowers for my Dad. My mom sat in her car.  She had the keys in her right hand when all of the
sudden the windshield wipers started going  by themselves.   Mom started to cry and said to my God child, Amber,  "This is the sign that I have been waiting for from your grandpa. He is finally telling me that he is OK and happy."
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