Angel Story

I remember one day when my daughter was only 15 years old, I was working for the Sheriff's department at the time and was called in to work a daytime shift. I got up and within no time at al, was ready for work. I had checked in on my daughter and son earlier that morning as I had been doing since they were little kids, but something was different this particular morning. Although I had already checked in on them, something kept telling me that something wasn't right. I was ready to walk downstairs when some strange warning came to me and told me to walk in and check on my daughter. I did and what I found was horrifying. My daughter could barely breath.  She looked at me and said, in a whisper, "Mom I can't breathe." Oh my God, I ran over to her bed and tried to hear her closely and just by looking at her pale face I knew I needed to take immediate action. I called a friend of mine who was a doctor, and he told me to bring her in immediately. I called my Sergeant, and told him that I would not be able to come in and explained to him why, he was so understanding. Thank God for that. Within minutes, my daughter was in the medical group and being checked. The doctor ordered for my daughter to be taken via ambulance to intensive care at a local hospital.  There is where they found she had upper respiratory infection and was in serious condition. Thank God for Angels because I knew that without hers and mine, my daughter would probably not be with us today.
 I love you God for giving us all Angels to call our own.


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