Highway Angel
By: Anonymous

In 1984 I was a student enrolled in a community college. Mom did not have a lot of money at the time but she gave me what she could for tuition, books, and supplies.  I received a grant and was a work study student to support my educational and personal expenses.  Money was tight and I was on a strict budget.  I was on my way home back from school when I ran out of gas.  I pulled over on the shoulder of a major interstate.  I did not have a cellular phone and was beginning to panic when I noticed that a highway patrolman had pulled up behind me.  I smiled as he approached when I wound down my window.  I was so embarrassed when I told the officer that I ran out of gas.  I told him that I had a couple of dollars and would appreciate it if he go to the gas station.  The highway patrolman smiled, nodded, and left.  A few minutes later, he came back with a container of gas to put in the tank of my car.  I told the officer that I thank him very much and did not know what I would have done if he did not stopped to help me.  The highway patrolman smiled, nodded, and left.

When I continued my drive home, I thought about how the highway patrolman never said anything and come to think about it, how lucky it was that he pulled up behind me as soon as I ran out of gas.  Suddenly, I realized that luck did not have anything to do with it. God let me know that He loved me enough to send me a personal highway patrolman to guide, protect, and yes, give me gas to get me safely home.

I think about that highway angel from time to time and I know that God is still patrolling me through life even now, even until the end of time.

Cathy from I-95

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